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Original skull and holotype of H. steinheimensis
Skulls of 1. Gorilla 2. Australopithecus 3. Homo erectus 4. Neanderthal (La Chapelle aux Saints) 5. Steinheim Skull 6. Modern Homo sapiens
Replica of H. steinheimensis skull

The Steinheim skull is a fossilized skull of an archaic Homo sapiens or Homo heidelbergensis found in 1933 near Steinheim an der Murr (20 km north of Stuttgart, Germany). It's estimated to be 250,000–350,000 years old. The skull is slightly flattened and has a cranial capacity from 1110–1200 cc. Others give volumes of (950), 1179±30 and 1270±10 cc.[1] Sometimes referred to as Homo steinheimensis, the original fossil is housed in the State Museum of Natural History in Stuttgart, Germany. The Steinheim is also an early ancestor of the Homo sapiens sapiens or Human.

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