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Stella (known by different names in different countries) is a model of a vintage-style scooter imported into the United States by Chicago-based Genuine Scooters since 2003, and manufactured by LML in Kanpur, India.


In 1986, LML began a joint venture with scooter manufacturer Piaggio, through which the Italian company sold its Vespa PX model to the Indian market.[citation needed] The Stella and Vespa P-series scooters share much of their design and engineering, and many of their parts are interchangeable. Genuine Scooters was formed to import the scooter to the United States market. Production was interrupted by a labor strike from 2005 to mid-2006 but resumed once the dispute was settled.[citation needed]



The Stella features a 150 cc two-stroke engine. Like "vintage" European scooters, it operates with a four-speed "twist-grip" manual transmission. Other traditional features include a steel frame, spare tire, and styling.

The 2007 and 2008 models include better quality paint, grips, and a redesigned headlight.

The two-stroke version of the scooter is authorized through Genuine Scooters dealers throughout most of the United States, but not in California due to state regulations.[1] In 2011 Genuine developed a four-stroke version of the Stella which meets California emission standards.[2]


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