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The Stella is a 'one-design' Bermuda rig sloop yacht, designed for cruising and racing by the noted yacht designer CR (Kim) Holman in 1959. The design was to the requirements of a customer who had seen the Nordic Folkboat and decided that the English east coast needed a similar vessel but modified for North Sea as opposed to Baltic conditions and a competitive racer on handicap. The prototype: Stella No. 1 La Vie en Rose was built to win the 1959 Burnham (on Crouch) week, which she promptly did. Clinker built of mahogany or larch on oak frames.

The restoration of Amulet, a Stella class yacht originally built in Fort William in 1964, is described by Bob Orrell in the book Amulet: A Charm Restored and Sailed to the Western Isles.[1]

Fleets exist in the UK (estimated 100 built) and Australia (approximately 20 built).

Key dimensions[edit]

  • Length (LOA): 25' 10"
  • Length on waterline: 20' 0")
  • Beam: 7' 6"
  • Sail area: 338sq ft (main & genoa)
  • Draft: 3' 10"
  • Weight: 2.7 Imp. tons
  • Ballast: 1.22 Imp. tons

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Twister - another Holman yacht design (latterly produced in GRP), developed from that of the 'Stella'.

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