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Capo Chichi in 2007.

Stellio Gilles Robert Capo Chichi (born December 9, 1981), better known by his pseudonym Kémi Séba (French language version of Egyptian for "black star"),[1] is a Black French activist and political leader. Jeune Afrique referred to him as "the French Farrakhan", linking him to the leader of the Nation of Islam in the United States (US).[2] Since April 2010 he is the head of the francophone branch of the United States-based New Black Panther Party for Self-Defense. As an excsusively french language activist, he is considered as a white culture imperialist by the black people who stick to their native african languages an cultures.


Capo Chichi was born in Strasbourg to immigrant parents from Benin.[1][note 1] He joined the US-based Nation of Islam (NOI) as an eighteen-year-old, and later formulated his own ideology while visiting Egypt in his twenties.[3] As a result of this process, he took the nom de guerre Kémi Séba and became the spokesperson of the fringe Parti Kémite (Kemet[disambiguation needed] Party), which was founded in 2002 and inspired by Khalid Abdul Muhammad.[4][5]

Tribu KA[edit]

In December 2004, Capo Chichi founded the Parisian political group Tribu KA, which promotes black identity and has been accused of racism against Jews.[6][7] The group said it followed the ideology of the American NOI leader, Louis Farrakhan.[8][9] They have also been described as proponents of a mix of antisemitic Kemetism and Guénonian Islam.[10] The group's name is an abbreviation for 'The Atenian Tribe of Kemet'.[5]

In a May 2006 demonstration, 20 or more Tribu Ka members marched along the Rue des Rosiers (in the Marais, a Jewish neighborhood) shouting antisemitic slogans and threatening pedestrians.[8][9][11] Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy sent a letter to Justice Minister Pascal Clément saying Tribu Ka could be indicted for racist incitement; SOS Racisme and the Union des étudiants juifs de France also called for Tribu Ka to be banned; and Clément opened an investigation.[6] The Ministry of Interior dissolved Tribu Ka on July 26, 2006, but it reformed in Sarcelles under the name Génération Kémi Séba.[6][7][12] During the trial of Youssouf Fofana, the leader of the ethnic gang Les Barbares that murdered Ilan Halimi, Capo Chichi had sent an intimidating e-mail message to various Jewish associations.[5]


Capo Chichi was arrested in September 2006 for allegedly antisemitic posts on his website, and again in February 2007 after he called a public official "Zionist scum." After the initial court hearing in 2006, supporters chanted, "The judge is a Zionist, the client is a Zionist, the decision will be Zionist." In February 2007, a French court near Paris sentenced Capo Chichi, the self-described "militant defender of the dignity of French citizens," to five months imprisonment for criminal contempt of the law.[12][13] In April 2008, a Parisian court verdict determined Génération Kémi Séba was the reconstitution of the dissolved group Tribu Ka, and sentenced Capo Chichi to a one-year prison sentence with suspension.[14]

In June 2009, Brice Hortefeux, Minister of the Interior, ordered the dissolution of the group Jeunesse Kémi Séba, founded to replace Génération Kémi Séba.[15][16]


After his release from prison in July 2008, Capo Chichi announced that he had converted to Islam.[17] In March 2009, he became the secretary general of Mouvement des damnés de l'impérialisme (MDI, "Movement of Those Damned By Imperialism"). MDI retains close ties with the Shia paramilitary Lebanese-based group Hezbollah in their anti-Zionist campaigns.[18] In June 2009, MDI announced that Holocaust denier Serge Thion had joined the movement.[19]

New Black Panther Party[edit]

In April 2010, Malik Zulu Shabazz, leader of the US-based New Black Panther Party (NBPP), appointed Capo Chichi the party's representative in France and gave him the nom de guerre Kemiour Aarim Shabazz.[20] In July 2010, Capo Chichi left his position as the president of MDI but continued as the head of the francophone branch of NBPP.[21]

By 2011, Capo Chichi left France and settled in Senegal. In March 2011, it was announced that Capo Chichi was named the spokesman for Amadou Lamine Faye, the minister-counsellor in charge of Pan-Africanism under president Abdoulaye Wade. However, such nomination was later refuted.[22]

Connection with Dieudonné[edit]

Dieudonné M'bala M'bala, commonly known as Dieudonné, has become a controversial French comedian. For six years, he satirized numerous groups with his childhood Jewish friend and stage partner Elie Semoun. Since 2002, Dieudonné has often been accused of anti-Semitism and has appeared to move to the right politically, appearing with Jean-Marie Le Pen of the French National Front, for instance.[11] In 2006 Dieudonné allowed Kemi Séba to use his Theatre La Main d'Or, to hold meetings in which he "reportedly praised Hitler's ideas on race."[11] Dieudonné's office issued a statement noting his ideological distance from Séba, but he later that year allowed Séba to stage a show (titled Sarkophobia) in his theater.[11]


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