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The menhirs at Stenehed.

Stenehed is an Iron Age grave field in western Sweden. It is located about 1 km southwest of Hällevadsholm, Munkedal Municipality, Västra Götaland County. The area contains about 45 graves, a stone circle, a stone ship, and a row of menhirs.

Originally, there were eleven or twelve menhirs at the site; today, there are nine. The tallest one is 3.3 m; the shortest - 1.4 m.[1] They are placed in a row, according to their heights. In 1980, astronomer Curt Roslund suggested that they form an astronomical calendar, similar to Stonehenge in England.[2]


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Coordinates: 58°34′38″N 11°31′0″E / 58.57722°N 11.51667°E / 58.57722; 11.51667