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Stephanie Kaye Kobalewsky
Degrassi Junior High character
Stephanie Kaye.jpg
Stephanie in "Kiss Me, Steph"
First appearance Kiss Me, Steph
Last appearance Pass Tense
Portrayed by Nicole Stoffman
Nickname(s) Stephanie Kobalewsky (birth name)
Occupation Former student at Degrassi Junior High
Family Arthur Kobalewsky (brother)

Stephanie Kaye Kobalewsky is a fictional character on the Degrassi Junior High television series. She was portrayed by Nicole Stoffman.


Stephanie Kaye was born as Stephanie Kobalewsky in 1973. On her parents' divorce, she took her mother's maiden name Kaye. Popular, beautiful, but naive, Stephanie was the school president of Degrassi Junior High. She reinvented her image to become more "mature". Eventually, this image catches up to her as she tries to grow up too fast and stumbles upon problems because of this along the way. She would routinely leave her home for school dressed in relatively conservative apparel then change into something provocative after arriving at school.

Stephanie Kaye Kobalewsky was featured prominently in the first 2 seasons of Degrassi Junior High, but was said to have gone to a private school in the remaining 3 seasons. In reality, actress Stoffman decided to pursue her acting career elsewhere. Although she had bit parts in Canadian TV movies, she eventually went to University and became a jazz musician.

Stephanie Kaye Kobalewsky was one of the most notorious characters in the Degrassi franchise, as well as one of the most controversial. Her sexualized image and apparent disregard for self-respect was a heavy storyline that permeated most of the first 2 seasons of the popular show. An example of this being her suggestive campaign slogan for class president, "All the Way with Stephanie Kaye!"


Nicole Stoffman was nominated for the Best Performance by a Lead Actress in a Continuing Dramatic Role at the 1987 Gemini Awards for her role as Stephanie Kaye Kobalewsky.[1]


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