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Stephanie Wells (born May 1, 1968) is an American jewelry designer who co-founded Double Happiness Jewelry.


Born in Los Angeles in 1968, Wells grew up in Canada and southern California before moving to San Francisco to study marketing and religion.[1] Her studies in religion would later influence her jewelry designs by combining Eastern mysticism with Western design.[citation needed]

Double Happiness[edit]

Wells started Double Happiness Jewelry with her sister, Alisa Rottenberg, in her San Diego home in 2001.[2] Wells named the company after the Chinese concept of unity and new beginnings.[1] Wells' original vision was to create jewelry similar to that of the Bedouin people of Egypt, with whom she had stayed while visiting the Sinai Desert.[3] Shortly after its creation, the company won the 2001 Gen Art Fresh Faces in Fashion competition. The line has appeared in Allure, Bridal Guide, Harpers Bazaar, W, and Vogue.[4] In 2010, Wells published The Earring Style Book, a how-to guide about Double Happiness Jewelry's designs. Double Happiness began collaborating with Jewelry Television in 2011.[5]


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