Stephen, Duke of Bosnia

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Duke of Bosnia (кнез)[1]
Early medieval Balkans.png
Realm of King Bodin (1080 AD)
Duke of Bosnia
Reign fl. 1082-1101
Dynasty Vojislavljević

Stephen (Bosnian: Stjepan, Стјепан; Serbian: Stefan/Стефан), was the first known office-holder of the region of Bosnia, he was appointed governor by Constantine Bodin (r. 1081–1101), his kinsman, sometime between 1082-5.[2][1] Bosnia spanned the upper course of Bosna, the Vrbas and the Neretva at the time.[citation needed]

King Constantine had after the Slav Uprising in Pomoravlje, turned to put the rest of the Slav territories under his united rule. He appointed Stephen to Bosnia,[2] while Vukan held Rascia.[3]

Bosnia, Zahumlje and Rascia never were incorporated into an integrated state with Duklja. Each principality had its own nobility and institutions, simply requiring a member of the royal family to rule as Prince or Duke.[4] After Constantine died, the regions seceded from Duklja, and Grand Prince Vukan became the most powerful of the Serb royalty.[3]


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Stephen, Duke of Bosnia
Regnal titles
New title
First known
Duke of Bosnia
under Constantine Bodin

fl. 1081-1101
Title next held by
Ladislaus of Hungary