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Stephen Christian
StephenChristian Anberlin.jpg
Background information
Birth name Stephen Christian Arnold
Born Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States
Genres Alternative rock, acoustic rock, pop punk, Christian rock
Occupations Songwriter, musician, author
Instruments Vocals, guitar, piano, keyboards
Years active 1998–present
Labels Universal Republic, Tooth & Nail, Wood Water
Associated acts Anberlin, Anchor & Braille, SaGoh 24/7

Stephen Christian is the lead vocalist of the alternative rock band Anberlin and his side-project Anchor & Braille. He and his bandmates started Anberlin in 2002, after the demise of their previous group, known as SaGoh 24/7. Christian is a counter-tenor and is known for his powerful, elegant vocal style and wide vocal range. He is also one of the main songwriters of the band, along with Joseph Milligan.

Anberlin has released seven albums: Blueprints for the Black Market, Never Take Friendship Personal, Cities, New Surrender, and Dark is the Way, Light is a Place, Vital, and Lowborn. Anberlin has also released a compilation album, Lost Songs, and Christian also has an acoustic solo project under the name of Anchor & Braille, whose debut album Felt, produced by Aaron Marsh of Copeland, released on August 4, 2009 after being completed in 2008. He is also the founder of Wood Water Records which is also the home of Anchor & Braille. Christian wrote a book, The Orphaned Anything's, which was released online in early 2008.

Personal life[edit]

Stephen Christian was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan.[1] Christian attended Winter Haven High School along with bandmates Deon Rexroat and Joseph Milligan.[2] Following the completion of high school, the three formed the band SaGoh 24/7, which eventually transformed into Anberlin. Christian's younger brother Paul was an influence on some of the band's music. Christian is a graduate from University of Central Florida and the Florida State University College of Law,[2] with a bachelor's degree in Psychology.[3] He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

Christian co-founded Faceless International along with his two friends, Seth Cain and Sarah Freeman. Faceless, a non-profit organization focused on fighting human trafficking and modern day slavery,[4] "aims to defend the plight of exploited people worldwide who have gone faceless and unknown for far too long". The group organizes and undertakes humanitarian trips to areas in need, both internationally and domestically.[5] He took the name "Faceless" from a local Winter Haven Band named Faceless.[citation needed] Members included Alex Rodriguez, drummer of Saosin, and Buddy Eason, former singer of the band Droid.[citation needed]

Christian's father worked with a non-profit organization called American Medical Relief that supplied medical equipment to third world countries, so he was exposed to humanitarianism at a young age. In an interview with myMag, Christian recalls going to Mexico with his father and seeing people living in garbage dumps and sifting through to find pieces of metal to scrap for food. Christian's father had plans to set up a hospital in the dump, and that is where Christian said the first seed was planted. Christian's involvement with American Medical Relief and other non-profit organizations made him want to take action. He attended college for it with plans to work for Habitat for Humanity or UNICEF, but Anberlin was signed a month after he graduated.[4] Christian's experiences with humanitarian efforts were inspiration for several of the bands' songs.


Contributions and collaborations[edit]

  • The Human Flight Committee - Oh, When the Animals Unionize (2008) guest vocalist on the song "Russian We're Barely Moving"
  • Craig Owens - With Love EP (2009) featured vocalist on the song "Products of Poverty"
  • Darling Parade - "Remember" (featuring Stephen Christian of Anberlin) (2011)
  • Hyland - "The One That Got Away" (featuring Stephen Christian during the chorus) (2011)
  • Horsell Common - "I'm Dead" (featuring Stephen Christian)
  • The Climbing - "Far From Loneliness" (featuring Stephen Christian)
  • Esteban - "Follow" (featuring Stephen Christian)



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