List of presidents of Brigham Young University–Hawaii

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The following people have served as presidents of the Church College of Hawaii (1955 - 1974) and Brigham Young University-Hawaii (after 1974). This list does not include presidents of Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah) or Brigham Young University–Idaho.

Name Dates of Service Name of School
Reuben D. Law 1954-1959 Church College of Hawaii
Richard T. Wootton 1959-1964
Owen J. Cook 1964-1971
Stephen L. Brower 1971-1974
Dan W. Andersen 1974-1980 Brigham Young University-Hawaii
J. Elliot Cameron 1980-1986
Alton L. Wade 1986-1994
Eric B. Shumway 1994-2007
Steven C. Wheelwright 2007-current

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