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Stephen Nicholas (born 23 August 1978) is an actor from Doncaster, Yorkshire, England. Stephen currently lives in Sheffield, his first role was on Sky One's Dream Team, where he played Scott Ward. From there, he filmed the first in the trilogy Goal! (In which he played a Newcastle United Reserves player). Following this, he moved to Los Angeles, where he played Smith in the feature film Futbaal: The Price of Dreams. Stephen then returned to the UK to make a Bollywood film called Dhana Dhana Goal with John Abraham. More recently, the opportunity came for him to star in Premier League All Stars for Sky One in which, as well as playing a footballer, he was on-hand to present celebrity gossip information and pitch side reports. He then appeared in Celebrity Most Haunted and Date the Enemy. From there he then went on to star in Goal 3 where he not only acted in the film he also became the football choreographer and choreographed all the football scenes in the film. Nicholas then starred in the film Damned United where he played Welsh international Alan Durban, the film was filmed in Chesterfield and Leeds and was directed by Oscar winner Tom Hooper and also starred Oscar nominated Michael Sheen. He is currently filming a feature film called No Way Back Now about the notorious Manchester district of Moss Side, where Stephen plays the lead actor Stuart Gavin. The feature is currently in production and is roughly based on the notorious Gooch gang that terrorised Manchester throughout the years. As well as that Stephen has also just been cast for the new smash hit drama Clampers which is due to hit the screens next year.


Nicholas instigated and was part of a group called U.K. Flow. The group was made up of 14 celebrities from television and sport.


Nicholas was a professional footballer at various clubs such as Doncaster Rovers, St Mirren, Arbroath, Millwall before turning his head to acting.


Title Character Date
Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal Mark Hindes 2007
Dream Team Scott Ward 2002–2007
Eastern Promises Micheals 2007
Futbaal: The Price of Dreams Smith 2006
Goal! Dale Chippie 2005
Emmerdale Donna Windsor’s boyfriend 2002

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