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Stephen Surjik is a Canadian film and television director mostly working in television. Surjik was nominated three times for Gemini Awards for best direction, for Little Criminals, Tripping the Wire: A Stephen Tree Mystery, Intelligence, and received four Emmy Award nominations for Weapons of Mass Distraction.[1]


Born in Regina, Saskatchewan in 1960[citation needed], he studied at the Concordia University in Montreal and received a Best Director award at the 14th Canadian Student Film & Video Festival in 1982 for "Second story man".[2] After working as production designer and art director in the mid-80s, he moved on, directing for the series The Kids in the Hall. In 1993 Surjik made his feature film debut with Wayne's World 2, starring fellow Canadian Mike Myers.

For television, he has directed films such as the 1996 Grand Prix "Cinéma Tout Ecran" award-winning Little Criminals,[1] the Emmy-nominated Weapons of Mass Distraction, starring Ben Kingsley and Gabriel Byrne, and the CBC movie Intelligence. His episodic credits include Da Vinci's Inquest, Legacy, The Handler, Road to Avonlea, Due South, X-Files, Warehouse 13 and pilots for Bull, Miss Miami and Zoe Busick: Wildcard and "Intelligence".

Surjik on directing: "My directing style is determined by the script– not by the type of shoes that I prefer. I therefore attempt to reinforce what is on the page and I keep my tube-top fetishes to myself".[3]

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