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Stephen Viscusi
Residence New York City
Nationality American
Occupation Author

Stephen Viscusi is an American Author, CEO, and Radio Host. Viscusi is the host of "On the Job," and CEO of New York executive search firm The Viscusi Group.[1][2][3] Viscusi gives advice to both employees and job seekers.[4] Stephen also runs a resume writing service.[5] Stephen is also the author of the book, "On the Job: How to Make it in the Real World of Work." [6] Viscusi has contributed to NPR, American Morning,[7] and Good Morning America.[8]

Stephen is also the author of the book, "Bulletproof Your Job: 4 Simple Strategies to Ride Out the Rough Times and Come Out on Top at Work."[9][10] Viscusi has also written for the New York Post.[11] Stephen frequently contributes to the Huffington Post as a blogger.[12][13] During the recent economic crisis and rising unemployment, Viscusi has used various media outlets, including the Tyra Banks Show[14] to give advice on how to keep your job.[15]


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