Stephenson Island (Greenland)

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This article is about an island in Greenland. For other islands with a similar name, see Stephenson Island.
Stephenson Island
Stephenson Island (Greenland) is located in Greenland
Stephenson Island (Greenland)
Location Greenland
Coordinates 82°30′N 48°30′W / 82.500°N 48.500°W / 82.500; -48.500Coordinates: 82°30′N 48°30′W / 82.500°N 48.500°W / 82.500; -48.500
Total islands 1
Highest elevation 303 m (994 ft)
Population 0

Stephenson Island (Danish: Stephenson Ø) is a small, uninhabited island in the Victoria Fjord of the Lincoln Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean.[1] It is located off of the northern shore of Avannaa county, Greenland, between Nares Land to the east and Wulff Land to the west.[2]

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