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For the drug with trade name Sterane, see Prednisolone.
Numbering of the C atoms. In steranes the side chain at C-17 varies.

Cyclopentanoperhydrophenanthrene (Cyclopentane perhydro phenanthrene), also known as Steranes are a class of 4-cyclic compounds derived from steroids or sterols via diagenetic and catagenetic degradation and saturation. Steranes have an androstane skeleton with a side chain at carbon C-17. The sterane structure constitutes the core of all sterols. Steranes are sometimes used as biomarkers for the presence of eukaryotic cells. [1]

Steranes may be rearranged to diasteranes during diagenesis (C-27 to C-30, rearrangement at C-18 and C-19, no R at C-24). Oils from clastic source rocks tend to be rich in diasteranes.


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