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Sébastien Plé & Fabrice Delcambre (Shot by Florian Gallène)
Background information
Origin France
Genres Techno
Hip hop
Electro house
Years active 2008- present
Labels Dim Mak
Om Records
Freakz Me Out
Members Fabrice Delcambre
Sébastien Plé

StereoHeroes are a French electronic music duo composed of Fabrice Delcambre and Sébastien Plé.


StereoHeroes was formed in 2008 in the south of France. Quickly noticed by all the major international blogs, their first tracks, freely distributed, gave them an instant popularity around the world. They started then a never ending tour which took them in almost thirty countries until now. Their first official EP Boom Slang was released in 2009 on Leonizer Records, the label founded by Leonard de Leonard. It's followed in 2011 by Exiles on German label Freakz Me Out and in 2012 by Deviations Vol.1 an EP exploring different musical territories and which will be followed by two other volumes in 2013. In the meantime they released their third official EP, 8Ball, on Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Records. On the fringe of their commercial releases, StereoHeroes keep giving away original productions and remixes for free on a regular basis (See Discography section for a complete list).

Key moments[edit]

  • 2009 : Their remix of the track Kick It by Zingone & Nina Martine is used for the season 5 of So You Think You Can Dance.
  • 2009 : Their track Lamborghini Lungz with South African rapper Spoek Mathambo and American Cerebral Vortex is selected by Diesel for their compilation Edges - A New French Electronic Generation[1] amongst artists like Breakbot, Danger, Djedjotronic, Anoraak ...
  • 2012 StereoHeroes signs at the same time on Om Records and Dim Mak Records for several EPs.


Since 2008, StereoHeroes played in the following countries : South Africa, Germany, England, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, South Korea, Spain, France, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Italia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam.


StereoHeroes received amongst others supports from the following DJs and Producers : Tiësto,[2] Laidback Luke, Sister Bliss, Steve Aoki, Crookers, The Bloody Beetroots, Atari Teenage Riot, Kissy Sell Out, Digitalism, Bingo Players, Jazzy M, Funkagenda, Chris Lake, Junior Sanchez, Boy 8-bit, Nick Thayer, Far Too Loud, Lee Mortimer, Kissy Sell Out, Ridney, Heavygrinder, Dan Sena, Laurent Garnier, Don Diablo, Far Too Loud, His Majesty André, The Aston Shuffle, Sammy Jo, Modek, NAPT, Cicada, Taku Takahashi, F.O.O.L., Chewy Chocolate Cookies ...


  • All the tracks, EPs and mixtapes from StereoHeroes are named after comics characters or teams and organizations from Marvel Universe.[3]
  • Even if the don't play masked on stage, StereoHeroes are representing themselves as masked sheep since they started. Their answers as to why they made this choice does not allow to establish the actual cause.


Singles and EP[edit]

Boom Slang EP[edit]

Leonizer Records (2009)

  1. Boom Slang
  2. Boom Slang (StereoHeroes 2009 Remix)
  3. Booby Trap
  4. Fukt (2009 Radio Reedit feat. Teen Wolf
  5. Fever Pitch (Vocal Mix feat. Little Prince)
  6. Boom Slang (Mixhell Remix)
  7. Boom Slang (Rayflash Remix)
  8. Fever Pitch

The Lost Generation[edit]

Free release (2010)[4]

  1. "Effigy"
  2. "Pixie"


Freakz Me Out (2011)

  1. Wild Child
  2. Wild Child (Le Castle Vania Remix)
  3. Night Hawk
  4. Longshot (John Lord Fonda 'Hard Disco' Remix)
  5. Longshot
  6. Night Hawk (Blatta & Inesha Remix)
  7. Wild Child (Dub Version)

Deviations Vol.1[edit]

Om Records (2012)

  1. Blackbot
  2. Numbers
  3. Waxworks

8 Ball EP[edit]

Dim Mak Records (2012)

  1. Crystal
  2. Polaris

New Noise Vol.4[edit]

Dim Mak Records (2013)

  1. Storm

Deviations Vol.2[edit]

Free release (2013)[5]

  1. Sunspot
  2. Mercury


Artist Track Label
Infected Mushroom Nation of Wusses Dim Mak Records
Spencer & Hill Dance Dim Mak Records
Atari Teenage Riot Collapse of History Dim Mak Records
Mr Dirty Smart ft. Dutch Courage Break Ya Neck Passenger Records
Robopunx Robomonster ft. Whiskey Pete Royal One Records
The Boomzers We are back Freakz Me Out
UTOK2ME? Volodia Electromenager Records
Leonard de Leonard Beat Beat Beat Leonizer Records
Make The Girl Dance Wall of Death Roy Music
Missill feat. Spoek Mathambo Invincible Atmosphériques
Keewix feat. Messinian Mariachi Loco Sunshine Records
AmpLive Hot Right Now Om Records
The Mastertrons Fat Man Shakeyourassrecords
The Hijack Brothers Vengeance Crack House Records
Dirty Disco Youth Minds Off Dim Mak Records
Missill Chuppa Citizen records
Greenskeepers Live like you wanna live Om Records
Gtronic Iron Man BMKLTSCH
Underhall Digithall On the fruit Records
Suckshaft Zealot G-Point Music
Designer Drugs Riot Iheartcomix
Maral Salmassi Let's rock the party Television Rocks
Just a band To hell with gravity Homework Records
Zingone & Nina Kick It Starlight
Mendel Beatburger Place Blanche
Kaz Nishimura Loverevo Electric Juice
Relentless Monolove Baconwave
Mustard Pimp Oh La La Satan Crux Records
Jean Moustache Rambonette VCH Records
Ze Bug Fabulous Level75
DR. 1008 Taekwondo Rescue the beat

Unreleased and free tracks[edit]

  • StereoHeroes - Ammo (Original Mix)
  • M.I.A.- Bad Girls (StereoHeroes ‘BattleSheep’ Edit)
  • The Offspring - Come out and play (StereoHeroes remix)
  • Djedjotronic feat. Spoek - Dirty & Hard (StereoHeroes remix)
  • Far East Movement - Boomshake (StereoHeroes Remix)
  • StereoHeroes feat. Mic Terror - Juke dem hoes
  • StereoHeroes - Blackout
  • StereoHeroes - Fin Fang Foom
  • StereoHeroes - Washout
  • StereoHeroes - Action Pack (Original instrumental)
  • StereoHeroes feat. Da Chick - Action Pack (Laser trip)
  • StereoHeroes - Moon Knight
  • StereoHeroes feat. Teen Wolf - Midnight Sons
  • StereoHeroes - Black Lama
  • Emmanuel Top - Acid Phase (StereoHeroes ‘21st Century’ Edit)


  • 2008 : NLLR Mixtape 036 by StereoHeroes
  • 2008 : StereoHeroes exclusive mixtape for Sick & Spinning
  • 2009 : StereoHeroes - Project Wideawake (Mixtape)
  • 2010 : StereoHeroes - Action Pack (The Mixtape)
  • 2010 : StereoHeroes exclusive mini mix for Cyberpunkers Flash in Punk Radio show
  • 2010 : StereoHeroes - Burn Paris Burn # 7 ("Bye Bye Violence")
  • 2011 : StereoHeroes - The Conspiracy (Mixtape)
  • 2012 : StereoHeroes - The Order (Mixtape)
  • 2012 : StereoHeroes - Deviations (The Mixtapes) #1
  • 2013 : StereoHeroes - The Called ( guest mix) [7]
  • 2013 : StereoHeroes Exclusive Minimix for the Cheap Lettus Show (Australia)
  • 2013 : StereoHeroes - Crushes Sessions #1
  • 2014 : StereoHeroes - Crushes Sessions #2
  • 2014 : StereoHeroes - Crushes Sessions #3

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