Stereotypes of Argentines

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Stereotypes of Argentines are generalizations or stereotypes about Argentines. Stereotypes associated with Argentines vary from country to country depending on the prevalent stereotype in each culture. Most of the stereotypes are negative, but some are positive.

Negative stereotypes[edit]

In Brazil and Uruguay, they are stereotyped as arrogant, proud, narcissistic and racist.[1] To this Argentines are also known for being gossipy, full of grandeur, liars (chantas), envious, quick and exaggerated in Uruguay.[2] Chileans often depict them as arrogant.[3]

In addition to the mentioned stereotypes, Argentine have also been labeled as lazy, vain, pedantic, kind, and carefree in scientific polls.[4]

Positive stereotypes[edit]

In Spain and other South American countries, like Peru, they are stereotyped as passionate, somewhat coarse, noble, honest and kind.[5]


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