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Sterling was a popular rock band formed in Manchester, England.

The band was founded in 2001 at Manchester University, England by Robin Goodchild, Richard Ash, Gavin Stead and Edward Shiers.

They released their first album Chloe's Private Things in the summer of 2001. The album featured the singles "Nothing Serious" and "You Don't Try". The first single would eventually reach number 15 on Alternative airplay charts and the latter received the honor of being song of the day on the prestigious KROQ-FM Rock radio station in Los Angeles. During touring for the band's first album they added Robert Pierce on guitar. Pierce who had previously performed with Richard Ash and Robin Goodchild between 1997-1999 allowed Goodchild to develop into a dynamic and captivating lead performer. This addition would not only lead to a dynamic change on stage but it also triggerd a shift in style for the band's second full length release which was recorded between touring throughout 2002.

2002's Ten Times Stronger showed a more melodic and layered sound from the band. It showcased not only a major shift in sonic sensibilities for the band, but also featured multiple layered lead vocals and harmonies throughout. The first single "All I Want" was an instant success, becoming the most highly rated song of all time on the popular website. The singles "Heroes" and "Autumn Girl" followed in the success of the first single and served to raise national and international acclaim for the band.

In the summer of 2002 the band toured extensively throughout the United States. The tour included sell outs at many venues and also a show stealing performance in front of thousands of fans at the annual Temecula Valley Festival. The band's performance at the festival led to their nomination and eventual award as Best Rock Band for Southern California in 2002.

By the end of 2003, however, the constant strain of touring and recording began to take its toll on the members of the band both professionally and personally. Eventually this led to the resignation of guitarist Gavin Stead who quit the band in November to marry his longtime girlfriend and return to his home in England. In his place the remaining members appointed Andrew Burden on guitar. Burden, a talented and seasoned performer from Liverpool, England had been a friend of the band for some time, and the band felt that his familiarity with their social and work ethics would provide the least disruption during the change.

Christmas of 2003 was a new beginning for the band, as they began work on their third album. In a change from the previous record the members decided to make a more racous and organic sounding album. The initial recordings were completed at the famous Oceanway Studios in Hollywood with engineer Brian Vibberts at the helm. At the same time the band were working on their first full music video in support on the anticipated first single "Show me the Love". Filming for the video took place over two days in Ventura County, California, on the 22nd and 23 December.

During the early part of 2004 relations between the members of the band would become increasingly strained. Not only were the band writing and recording the new album, they were also completing the video, continuing to play shows, but also they were going through an uncomfortable and expensive court case with their second manager after firing him at the end of 2003. All these factors led to the deterioration of the personal and working relationships within the group. After taking a two week break during May 2004, the band called a meeting to decide the future of the group. It was decided that they would not complete their third record, and instead they would each go their separate ways.

Life After Sterling[edit]

After the breakup of the band, two of the members returned to England to pursue careers in music, two started a new band called The Small Hours in the United States, and the remaining member took up a career in management.

In 2006 Robert Pierce married his longtime girlfriend whom he met while the band were filming the Music Video for Show me the Love. He has subsequently moved to the United States and has rejoined with Rob Goodchild and Ed Shiers in their band The Small Hours.


  • Chloe's Private Things (2001)
  • Ten Times Stronger (2002)
  • If You Can't Be Good Be Great (2004)

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