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Sterlite Technologies Limited
Public company
Traded as
Founded 2000[1]
Headquarters Pune, Maharashtra, India[2]
Products Optical Fibers, Fiber Optic Cables, Copper Telecom Cables, Structured Data Cables, ADSL2+ Modems
Revenue INR24545 million (US$390 million)[3]
INR2461 million (US$39 million)[3]
Website Official Website

Sterlite Technologies Ltd. is an Indian manufacturer of optical fibers, telecommunication cables and power transmission conductors and exports optical fiber to overseas markets in China, Europe and South East Asia.[4] The company is listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. The company changed its name to 'Sterlite Technologies Limited' from Dec.2006. It is India's only fully integrated Optical Fiber producer and one of the largest suppliers of Optical Fibers to overseas markets in China, Europe and South East Asia.[5]

Sterlite Technologies is partially owned by Sterlite Industries (India) Limited, which is in turn 77%-owned by Vedanta Resources.

The Company has an optical fiber manufacturing plant located at Aurangabad, India and Telecom Cable & Power Transmission Conductor plants at Silvassa, Pune& Haridwar India. In 2002, Sterlite was forced to shelve plans for a large new facility in Bangalore due to market weakness.[6]

Awards and controversies[edit]

A Sterlite Technologies ADSL2+ Modem

Sterlite Technologies Limited is a leading global provider of transmission solutions for the telecom and power industries. It is India's only fully integrated optical fiber manufacturer and the 5th largest, globally. The Company is also the 3rd largest global manufacturer of power conductors.The Company shares a common lineage with Vedanta Resources plc a globally diversified natural resources group. Sterlite is uniquely positioned to cater to buyers in the telecom and power sectors, both in India and overseas.Sterlite serves as a one-stop window for a comprehensive suite of telecom and energy products that include optical fibers and fiber optic cables, structured LAN triple-play cables,telecom system integration and managed services,and power transmission & distribution conductors. All products comply with established international standards and hence are deployed globally.As the only Company offering products for extra high voltage data and power transmission, Sterlite is positioned strongly in high growth geographies and high growth industries.Global demand for telecom and power transmission solutions continues to be strong and are well placed to serve this growing demand.The industry faces challenges in terms of liquidity, cost pressures and global recession; however Sterlite have an unrivalled track record in this challenging environment. Industry continued business growth reflects the inherent strengths of business model. With strong volume growth, a strong global presence and continued progress in cost reduction and technological development. In November 2010, Sterlite formed a joint venture company Jiangsu Sterlite Tongguang Fiber Co. Ltd. to manufacture, market and distribute optical fiber in China.Sterlite further established a joint venture with Conduspar Condutores Electricos in July 2013 for the manufacture of optical fiber cable in Brazil.

Sterlite Optical Technologies is the only company to be awarded the 'Top Telecom Cables Company' in India, four times in the past five years, as per the annual V&D 100 Survey[citation needed] and is a winner of the 'Amity Award for Corporate Excellence' and 'ELCINA Award for R&D' in 2006.[citation needed]

Deloitte has nominated Sterlite Optical Technologies as the 6th Fastest Growing Technology Company in India in 2006.[citation needed] The Company is among the winners of the 'Deloitte Technology Fast 50 India & Fast 500 Asia Pacific awards for 2005 & 2006.[citation needed]

Company possess more than 20 Patent Enhancing productivity, improving process efficiencies and developing new technologies for evolving applications are some of the key challenges that exist in today’s telecom and power sectors. Equipped with over two decades of experience in developing innovative solutions, through case studies and whitepapers, the Sterlite Knowledge Center aims to provide you with the guidance to enhance your business processes

Dispersion shifted fiber having low dispersion slope (Patent: US6879764B2, USA)

Dispersion Optimized Fiber Having Higher Spot Area (Patent: ZL200410003359.0, China)

Method for producing twisted optical fiber with reduced polarization mode dispersion (Patent: ZL200410000901.7, CN)

Optical fiber with low attenuation at 1380 nm wavelength region and the method of producing the same

Method for producing optical fiber with reduced polarization mode dispersion (Patent: IN238450, India)

Method of making straight core rod for manufacturing optical fiber (Patent: IN237300, India)

A novel apparatus and a method for dislodging and removing soot during deposition in a MCVD Process (Patent: IN243777, India)

A Novel method of soot overcladding of core rod (Patent: IN248869, India)

Method and apparatus to control outside diameter of deposition tube made by chemical vapor deposition (Patent: IN234738, India)

A novel method for dehydration and sintering of an optical fiber preform (Patent: IN247162, India)

Optical fiber preform having Uniform Soot Deposition & its method of preparation (Patent: IN240514, India)

A method for manufacturing a multimode optical fiber having higher bandwidth and a multimode optical fiber (Patent: IN235142, India)

Optical fiber having reduced hydrogen induced loss (Patent: CN101523257, China)

Optical Fiber having low and uniform optical loss along the length and method for fabrication the same (Patent: IN236667, India)

Apparatus and method for fabricating Optical Fiber preform (Patent: IN234575, India)

Apparatus and method for producing optical fiber preform and optical fiber produced therefrom (Patent: IN237927, India)

Dispersion Optimized Optical fiber for wideband optical transmission (Patent: IN241585, India)

An improved suspension-cum holding device for an optical fiber preform (Patent: IN244287, India)

Preparation of mandrel for optical fiber preform manufacturing (Patent: IN234573, India)

Optical fiber preform cone shaping or preparation method (Patent: IN239655, India)

Storage and transportation device for storing and transporting optical fiber preform and precursor thereof (Patent: IN243681, India)

Optical fiber having reduced polarization mode dispersion (PMD) and method for producing the same (Patent: IN226536, India)

Method for preparation of core rod assembly for overcladding, and preform and fiber produced from such core rod assembly (Patent: IN223433, India)

A novel mechanism for holding hot soot porous body and precursors thereof (Patent: IN254036, India)

List of Awards 2005 & 2006.[citation needed]

Award Name : Six-Sigma Black Belt Presented By : American Society for Quality Category : Six-Sigma

Award Name : Most Innovative Lifestyle Concept Presented By : Times Innovative Media, India Category : Product Innovation (Fiber-to-the-Home)

Award Name : ELCINA Award Presented By : Electronic Industries Association of India Category : Research & Development

Award Name : IEEMA Best New Product Award 2007 Presented By : Indian Electrical and Electronics Manufacturers Association (IEEMA), India Category : New Product (AL-59 Alloy Conductors)[citation needed]

Award Name : Dun & Bradstreet Corporate Award 2007 - Telecom Equipment Presented By : Dun & Bradstreet, India Category : Organizational Performance

Award Name : Thompson Reuters Innovation Award 2009 Presented By : Thomson Innovation Category : Achievements through patented technology[citation needed]

Award Name : Asia's Best Employer Brand Awards 2010 Presented By : Employer Branding Institute, CMO Asia, CMO Council (Singapore) Category : Innovation in Recruitment

Award Name : National Telecom Award 2010 (Fastest Growing System Integrator) Presented By : CMAI INFOCOM Category : Organizational Performance[citation needed]

Award Name : 10th Greentech Environmental Excellence Award 2010 Presented By : Greentech Foundation Category : Silver (Telecom Sector)

Award Name : Top 100 CISO Award 2011 (Firewall Implementation) Presented By : Infosecurity Magazine and iViZ Security Category : Information Security Systems

Award Name : National Telecom Award (Fastest growing System Integrator) Presented By : CMAI Category : Organizational Performance

Award Name : CISO 100 2013 Presented By : CISO Platform Category : Special Recognition - Google Apps Security

Award Name : Best IT Usage 2013 Presented By : Indian Merchant's Chamber Category : Organizational Performance

Award Name : Top Telecom Cable Company 2013 Presented By : Voice & Data Category : Organizational Performance

Award Name : Most Innovative Product Award for Power Cables at Elecrama 2014 Presented By : IEEMA Category : Product Innovation


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