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Grant 1962 27b.png
Sternalis muscle, in line with Rectus Abdominis and Sternomastoid, was found in 6% of 535 cadavera (R. N. Barlow)
Braus 1921 137.png
Sternalis muscle visible in an individual who also has an accessory abdominal pectoralis major, and an axillary arch of the latissimus dorsi.
Latin musculus sternalis
musculus rectus thoracis
manubrium or clavical
xiphoid process
Gray's p.437
TA A04.4.01.001
FMA 9717
Anatomical terms of muscle

Sternalis is a muscle that lies in front of the sternal end of the Pectoralis major parallel to the margin of the sternum. It is supplied by the anterior thoracic nerves[disambiguation needed] and is probably a misplaced part of the pectoralis.

Sternalis is a muscle that runs along the anterior aspect of the body of the sternum. There are two different theories as to what the Sternalis was meant to be connected to. One is the Pectoralis major, the other is the rectus abdominus, as in several cases the sternalis was actually found to have interlaced fibers with the rectus abdominis, but be enervated by the same nerve pathways as the pectoralis major.

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