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Oderwerke AG
Industry Shipbuilding
Fate Bankrupt
Founded 1903
Defunct 1961
Headquarters Stettin, Germany
Products Merchant ships
Number of employees

Oderwerke or Stettiner Oderwerke was a German shipbuilding company, located in Stettin.


Oderwerke was founded on January 28, 1903 and built 154 ships prior to World War I.

During World War II Oderwerke built 2 Type VII U-boats for the Kriegsmarine, the U-821 and U-822.

After the war, Oderwerke moved first to Lübeck in 1949 and later Cologne in 1950. The company was declared bankrupt in 1961 and closed.

Ships built by Oderwerke (selection)[edit]

Civilian ships[edit]

Naval ships[edit]

Submarines (U-boats)[edit]

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