Stevan Pletikosić

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Stevan Pletikosić
Medal record
Men's Shooting
Olympic Games
Competed as an Independent Participant
Bronze medal – third place 1992 Barcelona 50 m Rifle prone
Competitor for  Yugoslavia
World Championships
Silver medal – second place 1994 Italy 50 m Rifle prone
European Championships
Silver medal – second place 1995 Zürich 50 m Rifle prone
Mediterranean Games
Silver medal – second place 1997 Bari 50 m Rifle prone
Competitor for  Serbia and Montenegro
World Championships
Silver medal – second place 2006 Zagreb 50 m Rifle TP
Mediterranean Games
Gold medal – first place 2005 Almería 50 m Rifle prone

Stevan Pletikosić (Serbian Cyrillic: Стеван Плетикосић) (born 14 March 1972 in Kragujevac, Serbia, then SFR Yugoslavia) is a sport shooter from Serbia. While still a junior, he won a bronze medal in Men's 50 m Rifle Prone in the 1992 Summer Olympics. The year before, at the 1991 ISSF World Cup in the same event, he had become the only junior ever to achieve the maximum score of 600 in a world-class competition.

Pletikosić started competing in 1982, when he was 10 years old. He won a first medal at the European Championships winning a silver at the 1989 European Shooting Championships in Zagreb, SFR Yugoslavia. During his career, he won another European silver medal and was European champion twice. His first international medal was won at the 1994 ISSF World Shooting Championships, which was also a silver medal. Yugoslav Olympic Committee proclaimed him sportsman of the year in 1994.[1] Pletikosić also won a silver in the 2006 ISSF World Shooting Championships, now in the Three positions event, and he won the 2008 ISSF World Cup competition in the Prone event in Rio de Janeiro.

Results at the Olympic Games[edit]

Event 1992 1996 2000 2004 2008
50 metre rifle three positions 35th
50 metre rifle prone 3rd Bronze
701.1 (597)
10 metre air rifle 38th
697.7 (595)

World records[edit]

Current world records held in 50 metre rifle prone
Men Qualification 600  Viatcheslav Botchkarev (URS)
 Stevan Pletikosić (YUG)
 Jean-Pierre Amat (FRA)
 Christian Klees (GER)
 Sergei Martynov (BLR)
 Thomas Tamas (USA)
 Sergei Martynov (BLR)
 Sergei Martynov (BLR)
 Petr Litvinchuk (BLR)
 Wolfram Waibel Jr. (AUT)
 Wolfram Waibel Jr. (AUT)
 Christian Lusch (GER)
 Eric Uptagrafft (USA)
 Valérian Sauveplane (FRA)
 Sergei Martynov (BLR)
 Sergei Martynov (BLR)
 Matthew Emmons (USA)
 Guy Starik (ISR)
 Sergei Martynov (BLR)
July 13, 1989
August 29, 1991
April 27, 1994
July 25, 1996
May 23, 1997
July 28, 1998
September 4, 1998
June 8, 2000
June 11, 2003
July 18, 2003
March 3, 2004
October 27, 2004
May 11, 2005
May 11, 2005
August 26, 2005
March 29, 2006
May 9, 2007
May 18, 2008
August 3, 2012
Zagreb (YUG)
Munich (GER)
Havana (CUB)
Atlanta (USA)
Munich (GER)
Barcelona (ESP)
Buenos Aires (ARG)
Munich (GER)
Munich (GER)
Plzeň (CZE)
Sydney (AUS)
Bangkok (THA)
Fort Benning (USA)
Fort Benning (USA)
Munich (GER)
Guangzhou (CHN)
Bangkok (THA)
Munich (GER)
London (ENG)
Junior Men Individual 600  Stevan Pletikosić (YUG) August 29, 1991 Munich (GER) edit


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