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Steve Abadie Rosier
Steve Abadie-Rosier, Paris (2009)
Nationality French
Fields Psychology, Criminology, Sexology

Steve Abadie-Rosier is a French clinician and training psychoanalyst, psychotherapist and writer. He specializes in the states of altered consciousness and its center research on unconscious material of man under hypnosis and clinical Directive.Finally, he works regularly as an expert for various international organizations.. Steve Abadie - Rose is also the author of the psychic process, published by the same publisher in June 2009[1]

Research areas[edit]

Abadie-Rosier is well known as an expert [2] in criminology due to his work on criminals’ character armors and in psychotraumatology through his work with victims of rapes, incests, barbarisms, genocides, hostage takings, war crimes or natural catastrophes.[3]

Considered[by whom?] the ‘psychoanalyst of the irrecoverable’ or ‘of the borderline’, Abadie-Rosier is a specialist in supportive psychotherapies covering cancer, AIDS, life-ending, mourning and suicide attempt. He is also renowned for treating dependence, for example alcohol addiction, tobacco addiction, addictology, drug dependence, etc.[citation needed]

Familiar with other types of care including relaxology, sexology and sex therapies, Abadie-Rosier holds a master's diploma in Caycedian sophrology (clinical branch). He achieved his training in directive and clinical hypnosis in France and the United States, and is a certified hypnotherapist of the National Guild of Hypnotherapists (USA). He is a specialist in altered states of conscience and focuses his research on inconscient material through directive and clinical hypnosis.[citation needed]

Abadie-Rosier regularly works as an expert for several international organizations.[citation needed]


  • Psychical Processes (originally published as Les processus psychiques, May 2009, Les Neurones moteurs, Paris – 112 pages - ISBN 978-2-918398-00-4)

In this first book, Abadie-Rosier reminds that the omnipresence of personal development, the banalization of psychoanalysis and other psychotherapies, the recrudescence of psychosomatic illnesses (stress, ulcer, asthma, etc.) set psychical processes as the centre of clinical practice—and even of everyday life. From another point of view, the come back of asylum psychiatry, over-prescription of psychotropic drugs and the chemical camisole it leads to, the aberrant dysfunctionning of penitentiary psychiatry question about the place let to the subject’s freedom and plead for a wider use of psychotherapies (in particular psychoanalysis), therefore for a better understanding of psychical processes.

  • The Psychological Construction of the Subject(originally published as La construction psychologique du sujet, November 2009, Les Neurones moteurs, Paris - 236 pages - ISBN 978-2-918398-01-1).

This book describes the successive stages of the construction of character and identity, from a psychoanalytical point of view, from newborn to adult. It is an original synthesis of different theories (Sigmund Freud, Viktor Tausk, Karl Abraham, Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, René Laforgue, Susan Sutherland Isaacs, Margaret Mahler...), showing how psychopathology naturally results from the constant changes and adaptations the subject experiments and faces. It is also a good introduction to psychoanalytical psychopathology, whose influence on sociability and human sexuality it systematically mentions.

  • Criminals' Psychopathological Fortresses (originally published as Les forteresses psychopathologiques du sujet criminel, September 2010, Les Neurones moteurs, Paris - 300 pages - ISBN 978-2-918398-02-8).

Building down the myth of the overgifted criminal, that was popularized by The Silence of the Lambs, Basic Instinct or Dexter, this book suggests the innovative concept of “psychopathological fortress”, through which the criminal phenomenon is analyzed. It offers a typology of 5 fortresses- a concept that shows its interest in clinics and therapeutic management of such individuals.

Humanitarian Commitment[edit]

Steve Abadie-Rosier is the media ambassador of Afrique Avenir, a not-for-profit organization that leads prevention projects against sexually transmitted infections, AIDS and sickle cell anaemia.


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