Steve Blair

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Steve Blair
Member of the Prescott, Arizona City Council
Assumed office
Personal details
Born 1956
Place of birth missing
Political party Republican
Residence Prescott, Arizona, USA
Alma mater Arizona State University
Profession Distributor

Steve Edward Blair (born 1956) is a member of the Prescott, Arizona city council, a co-owner of a bread distribution company, and a former radio talk-show host for KYCA. Blair is best known for his controversial statements about a mural at the Miller Valley School in Prescott, depicting students of diverse racial backgrounds.[1]


Blair graduated in 1974 from Prescott High School and received his degree from Arizona State University in Tempe. He became the co-owner of Blair Distribution LLC, a distributor for Holsum bread.

Blair joined the Prescott City Council in 2003. Later, he joined KYCA as a conservative talk show host.

Mural controversy[edit]

In 2010, Blair expressed concern over a mural being painted at Miller Valley School, depicting students at the school. Blair said that he was concerned about the painting, mistakenly saying that the most prominent figure was an African-American. (The figure was actually a Latino student at the school, who had been selected by his classmates to represent the students in the mural.) On his radio show, Blair said, "To depict the biggest picture on the building as a Black person, I would have to ask the question: Why?"[2] He further urged callers to his show to contact the school and express their outrage.

After controversy erupted surrounding the comments, Blair was fired by KYCA. He said he was open to resigning from the city council, saying, "When my constituents in the city tell me it's time for me to go, and that I'm affecting how the city does its business, I will go. I ran because I wanted to help. If I can no longer do that, I'll step down."[3]