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Steve Blame (born 1959 in Chelmsford, England) was MTV News Editor and Presenter between 1987 and 1994.

During his time at MTV he interviewed all major pop stars of that era. As the main on-air presenter spearheading MTV's pro-social campaigns Blame would also bring world leaders and religious figures to MTV. Public figure like Mikhail Gorbachev, Jacques Delors, Shimon Peres and the Dalai Lama would be asked to comment by Blame on the issues of the day. In this function, he also commented on an MTV campaign trying to get young people to vote.[1]

After leaving MTV in 1994, the former Mathematics and Physics graduate took up residence in Germany where he set up VIVA Zwei. Under his direction the channel won the Gold Art Director's Award for its on-air design in 1996. Today Blame is an international screenwriter and TV format developer based in Cologne. His latest format 'Where is the Money' co-created with Eyeworks and 2STV was nominated for the Rose d'or award in 2005. It has run in the Netherlands and Spain.[2]

His autobiography was published in 2010.[3]


Television presenter[edit]

MTV News (1987-1994)[edit]

Presented MTV News Bulletins from the MTV studios in Camden and also on location around Europe.
MTV News at Night; 1987–1994 Presented the daily news show. Location reports exploring local music scenes from Germany, U.K., France, Italy Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Serbia, Belgium, Turkey, Monaco, Sweden, Austria, Norway, Denmark, Greece, Ireland, Finland, South Africa, Iceland, and Israel.

MTV's Pro-Social Campaigns (1992 - 1994)[edit]

Vote Europe: Live shows urging Europe's youth to vote in the European Elections. Interviews included Jacques Delors, Gorbachev, Dalai Lama, Shimon Peres and Gro Harlem Brundtland. [1]

MTV Free Your Mind 1992 Live debate about the problem of racism in Europe with studio guests (Campino and Jean Paul Gaultier amongst others). Filmed interviews included Wolfgang Schauble and Peter Hain MP.
MTV World Aids Day 1987-1994 He spearheaded MTV's Aids Awareness campaigns on World Aids Day.
Take the Blame - 1988 Weekly six part chat show with co-host Leigh Bowery. Guests included Jackie Collins, The Communards, Boy George, Adam West (Batman), Nina Hagen, Lenny Henry, Leo Sayer, Jean Michel Jarre and Dolph Lundgren amongst others. The show contained sketches remaking famous movie scenes e.g. Casablanca, Superman and The Sound of Music. Was probably the campest show ever shown on MTV.
MTV's U.S. Video Music Awards (European version) Backstage host from MTV's Video Music Awards from the States. Interviews included Nirvana, Aerosmith, Mick Jagger, Whitney Houston, Annie Lennox, Lenny Kravitz etc.
Reverb - 1988 Weekly review show co-presented by Chris Salewicz. This six part series was replaced by Take the Blame.
Madonna in Milan etc. Interview specials: Madonna in Milan, Boy George, Sinéad O'Connor, McCartney and many more.

Viva 2 (1994-1996)[edit]

Presenter of Geschmacksache – a weekly format on Viva 2 where artists choose the videos which have inspired them the most in their careers.

Program Director/Executive Producer[edit]

Viva 2 1994-1996: Program Director, responsible for the building of Viva 2 in Cologne.
Tango TV (2002): Program Director, responsible for launch of Music Channel in Luxembourg.

TV appearances[edit]

Pro 7; TV Total. Guest on show. TV Total RTL Explosiv. Fronted alternative view features for RTL Saturday evening show incl. The Royal Wedding, The German Test and the Cannes Film Festival.
RTL II: 90s; Pop Sünde (Pop Sins) & 90s; The Pop Years. Appearance on German terrestrial network RTL2

Anniversary appearance on MTV Germany to celebrate 23 years of MTV. Also released on DVD
VOX: Kochduell: Appearance on daytime cook show celebrity version.

PRO 7: Charlotte Roche Show: Cameo role in spoof documentary on 'pop star` Dick Brave.
MTV Europe: 20 years of MTV Special, 2001.

ITV - Simply The Best – a music documentary about Tina Turner, 1992.

Book contributions[edit]

Sue Tilly's Leigh Bowery: The Life and Times of an Icon (Hodder & Stoughton)

Article on Music Television for Buch der Musikwirtschaft (Moser/Scheuermann, Josef Keller Verlag)


30:e November, Swedish anti-racist movie Directed by Daniel Fridell. Plays himself.


Co-developed with Stefan Grebe and Eyeworks 'Where is the Money?'. Nominated for Rose D'or award in 2005.

'This Song’s For You' for arte, 60 min. Documentary 1999 produced by Rudolf Runge, Gmbh, Cologne Germany


  • Wordyrappinghoods; Lyric reading of the world's most famous pop songs.

With Christian Werner, Andreas Paul, Peter Pardeike & Prof. Robert Rose. Museum für Angewandte Kunst during electronic music festival co-pop in Köln, August 2005

  • Steve Blame reads William Burroughs: First multi-media reading William S. Burroughs. With Robert Rose, Andreas Paul, Steve Blame & Christian Werner.

Kölner Filmhaus, December 2004


Give Me Your Love (Je T'aime) 1993 with La Camilla of Army of Lovers.


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