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Steve Blechman is a businessman and magazine publisher.


He was at one time Executive Vice President of Twinlab.[1] Blechman is currently the CEO, President,[2] and sole owner,[2] of Advanced Research Press, Inc. (ARP). ARP owns the bodybuilding magazine Muscular Development, and the fitness magazines Fitness Rx For Women, and Fitness Rx For Men. Under Blechman's guidance Twinlab acquired ARP in the 1980s. In 2001 Twinlab sold ARP to Blechman who then resigned from Twinlab.[1]

Blechman is the son of Jean and David Blechman. David Blechman started the supplement company Twinlab out of his garage in the 1960s and the company soon became successful and expanded. The company which, was named for his two sets of twin sons, was later run by his children among them Steve.[3] Steve worked for the company for 25 years before resigning when he bought ARP.[4]