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Steve Holt

Steve Holt (born April 9, 1954 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada) is a Canadian musician.

Holt exhibited musical ability in early childhood, playing piano at the age of four. In 1960 his family moved to Côte Saint-Luc and during these formative years he spent long hours at the piano. By the time he was a teenager, Holt was a regular on the Montreal club scene. He remained self-taught until the age of 22, when he entered McGill University to study jazz with pianist Armas Maiste. During this period, Holt also became a private student of jazz pianist Kenny Barron, traveling monthly to New York City for private instruction at Barron’s home. Holt graduated from McGill in 1981 with that university’s first-ever Bachelor of Music majoring in Jazz Performance, and continued to teach at McGill. In 1983, Holt released his debut album, The Lion's Eyes. The LP received international critical acclaim and won a JUNO nomination for Best Jazz Album. Holt subsequently worked with many of the jazz legends of the time, including Larry Coryell, James Moody, Michal Urbaniak, Eddie Vinson and Archie Shepp.

During the 1990s Holt also rose to prominence as a top-ranked equity analyst, balancing both his music and business careers as separate endeavors. However, in a rare convergence of careers, Holt hosted a conference for institutional investors at Scotia Capital in 1999, called “Music & The Internet”, which featured key music industry executives, where Holt foretold of the coming music piracy problem and looming structural demise of the recorded music industry. In 1999 Holt was ranked by Greenwich Associates[1] the No. 1 Consumer Products analyst in Canada.


• 1983: Steve Holt - The Lion’s Eyes (Plug)
• 1991: Steve Holt - Christmas Light (Inner Music)
• 1992: Steve Holt & Kieran Overs – Just Duet (Sackville)
• 1993: Steve Holt - Catwalk (Sackville)
• 2001: Steve Holt – The Dream (Trilogy)
• 2002: We Need You (Trilogy)
• 2002: Just To be with You (Trilogy)
• 2003: Soon (Trilogy)

Awards and nominations[edit]

Holt was nominated for a JUNO in 1983 for his debut album, The Lion’s Eyes. In 2002 he won an Honorable Mention at the USA Songwriting Competition for his Latin song “Soon”.


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