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Steve Leveen is the chairman and co-founder with his wife, Lori Granger Leveen, of Levenger (the Levenger Company). The former CEO of the company, Leveen retired from that role in 2014 and shortly after that was named a Fellow of the Advanced Leadership Initiative (ALI) of Harvard University. Leveen is examining multilingualism in America, which will be the topic of his next book.

Levenger, the company that Leveen established in 1987, designs and sells high-quality, functional products designed to help readers and writers. For many years its catalog carried the tagline, “Tools for Serious Readers.” The company’s specialty publishing arm, Levenger Press,[1] focuses on high-quality facsimiles of historical manuscripts from the Library of Congress, the Morgan Library & Museum, The New York Public Library, and other institutions.

Leveen's first book, "The Little Guide to Your Well-Read Life," was published in 2005. Among the publications that featured it were The New York Times Book Review, the Christian Science Monitor, the Boston Globe and the Miami Herald. The book was named a BookSense pick by the independent bookstores of America, and its author was part of a panel presentation at the 2005 Miami Book Fair International. It was also the basis for a series of workshops Leveen conducted for companies such as Starbucks and Target, and that focused on finding more time to read the books that mattered.

Leveen’s second book, Holding Dear: The Value of the Real, was published in 2013 and includes original essays from guest contributors Patti Smith, David McCullough, Ann Patchett, Joseph Finder, David Allen, Kevin Kelly, and Paul Saffo, among others.

Leveen frequently blogs on topics related to the Well-Read Life for the Huffington Post. He has had his articles on the human side of technology published in The New York Times, the Christian Science Monitor, the Boston Globe and the Los Angeles Times. He holds a B.A. in Biology from the University of California, San Diego, and master's and doctoral degrees in sociology from Cornell University.

Leveen serves on the board of the National Book Foundation and, through the Levenger Foundation, supports the organization’s Innovations in Reading[2] initiative. He also serves on the board of the Conscious Capitalism organization and is an advisor to the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County, where he helped establish the charity bike ride, Loop the Lake for Literacy. He is active in the Young Presidents’ Organization-World Presidents’ Organization,[3] where he serves in various education roles. Leveen is also a member of WPO’s resource bureau for CNBC.[4]


"On one level a person's well-read life is about books. But ultimately your well-read life is about your life well lived."

"A friend is someone who likes you anyway."

"A library is a fueling station for your mind."

"Perfect machine translation will no more replace language learning than artificial insemination will replace sex."


Leveen is #94 among "The Way I See It" coffee cups at Starbucks. His message: "Want to find time to read? Fall in book love. Seek out the books that fire your passions. Follow your intellect and your heart. Then time will find you." Leveen is an avid cyclist. He is a founder of Loop the Lake for Literacy, an annual bike-a-thon fundraiser for the Literacy Coalition of Palm Beach County (Levenger is headquartered in this Florida county).


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