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This article is about Steve Reeves (computer scientist). For Steve Reeves (actor), see Steve Reeves.
Steve Reeves
Born 31 October 1957
Brighton, England
Residence New Zealand
Nationality British
Fields Computer science, software engineering, formal methods

University of Waikato University of Essex

Queen Mary, University of London
Alma mater University of Birmingham

Prof. Steve Reeves is a computer scientist based at the University of Waikato in New Zealand.[1] He is the Associate Dean and the Programme Co-ordinator of Software Engineering.[2] He has undertaken research work on the Z notation, formal methods for GUI design and a general theory of refinement.

Steve Reeves' academic work is in the area of formal methods to aid software engineering. In particular, he has undertaken research into the design and use of logics for specification. With Prof. Martin Henson, he has studied the formal semantics of the Z notation in detail,[3] in relation to the international ISO standard for Z.[4]

Reeves has delivered talks internationally, including as the opening talk in the BCS-FACS seminar series at the British Computer Society in London in 2005.[5]

He is currently Chair of the Z User Group, and the New Zealand member of the Australasian Software Engineering Conference (ASWEC) Steering Committee. He is a Fellow of the British Computer Society, a Fellow of the New Zealand Computer Society, and is an IT Certified Professional (ITCP).

Selected publications[edit]

Reeves has published a number of academic papers, including:[6]

  • Martin C. Henson and Steve Reeves, Revising Z: Part I — Logic and Semantics. Formal Aspects of Computing, 11(4):359–380, 1999.
  • Martin C. Henson and Steve Reeves. Revising Z: Part II — Logical Development. Formal Aspects of Computing, 11(4):381–401, 1999.
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  • Martin C. Henson, Steve Reeves and Jonathan P. Bowen, Z Logic and its Consequences. CAI: Computing and Informatics, 22(4):381–415, 2003. In Dines Bjørner (editor), special issue on The Logics of Formal Specification Languages.
  • Judy Bowen and Steve Reeves, UI-Design Driven Model-Based Testing, EC-EASST, vol. 22.
  • Judy Bowen and Steve Reeves, Refinement for user interface designs. Formal Aspects of Computing, 21(6):589–612, 2009.
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