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Steve Rude
Steve Rude at the New York Comic Con
April 19, 2008
Born 31 December 1956
Madison, Wisconsin[1]
Nationality American
Area(s) Penciller, Inker, Writer
Notable works

Steve Rude (born 1956) is an American comic book artist.


In 1981, Rude became widely known in the comics world when he and writer Mike Baron created Nexus, an independent science fiction comic book with a large supporting cast. For the series, Rude designed a dozen or so distinctive alien races, including the Thunes, the Amphibs, the Quattros, the Giz, the Demons, and others. The series ran for eighty issues (although Rude did not pencil them all), and seven short, almost-yearly mini-series after the initial series ended.

In 2004 Rude co-created and penciled The Moth with writer/inker Gary Martin.

Announced on November 15, 2006 is Rude's own "Rude Dude Productions", a new publishing entity covering new issues of Nexus and The Moth in 2007 as well as an anthology series. The new Nexus series was Rude's first work with Baron since the last issue published by Dark Horse Comics. The first Nexus issue from Rude Dude was released as issue #99 (part 1 of the "Space Opera" story), and was set immediately following the last Dark Horse issue. After a few delays, issue #100 was published, followed by the final two issues of "Space Opera" printed together as one double-sized issue.


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