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Steve Scott
Born Stroud, Gloucestershire, England
Education Clifton College
Occupation Journalist
Employer ITN
Spouse(s) Patricia Yorston
Relatives Angus Scott (brother)

Steven "Steve" Scott is a British journalist and presenter employed by ITN as the sports editor and newscaster for ITV News. He was educated at Clifton College and began his career in local radio.

Television career[edit]

Scott began his television career with The West Tonight on ITV West, joining as Industrial Correspondent from local radio station GWR, where he was a news editor and presenter.

Scott joined the ITN produced ITV News in 1993 as the North of England correspondent based in Leeds and West of England correspondent in Bristol.[1] Among stories that Scott covered for ITV News during the 1990s included the Fred and Rose West murders. Scott was part of the award winning reporting teams that covered the Dunblane school massacre and Diana's death. In 1995 he was appointed the Africa Correspondent based in Johannesburg, reporting from many troublespots including Rwanda, Congo (then Zaire) and Zimbabwe.[2]

In 1997 moved to 5 News on Channel 5 as the sports presenter.[3] During that time he fronted more than 100 live European football matches involving British teams. He presented several England international fixtures.[4] He also anchored Moto GP and Rugby Premiership programmes as well as having his own chat show Talk Sport with Steve Scott.

From January 2002 he would present various programmes for BBC Radio 5 Live on a freelance until December 2007.[5]

Between January 2004 and December 2005 Steve presented the ITV News Channel with Felicity Barr, broadcasting on the late afternoon news on weekdays as well as providing an evening service alternating between the two presenters. During this period he presented the sports segment of the ITV News at 10.30, alternating with Barr.

Since 2005, Scott has been a regular presenter of the ITV News at 1:30, ITV News at 6:30 and ITV News weekend bulletins on ITV.[6] He was at the forefront of ITV's extended live programming in the aftermath of the terror attacks on the capital. During that time he also undertook foreign assignments, including Bosnia during the war there and to the United States, where he covered as Washington correspondent on several occasions. He interviewed, amongst others, Nelson Mandela and Princess Diana.

From February 2006, Scott co-presented the main regional news programme The West Tonight on ITV West. Three years later this programme would merge with Westcountry Live on ITV Westcountry. Scott was retained and presented ITV News West Country for ITV West Country.[2] He presented his last programme on 7 May 2010.

In January 2008, ITV launched a late-night documentary series, Nightwatch with Steve Scott. In accordance with its variations, the programme follows the work of the emergency services and army and analyses mysterious events.

As of 10 May 2010, Scott is the Sports Editor for ITV News[7] and has reported the awarding of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games to London.

He has also acted as a weekly columnist for the Bristol Evening Post.[5]


News programmes[edit]

Tenure Programme Role(s)
The West Tonight Industrial Correspondent
1993–1995 ITV News North of England correspondent
West of England Correspondent
1995–1997 ITV News Africa Correspondent
1997–2001 5 News Sports presenter
2004–2005 ITV News at 10.30 Sports presenter
2004–2005 ITV News Channel Presenter
2005– ITV News at 1:30
ITV News at 6:30
ITV News weekend bulletins
2006–09 The West Tonight Co-presenter
2008–10 Nightwatch with Steve Scott Presenter
2008 ITV News late bulletins Presenter
2009–10 ITV News West Country Co-presenter
2010– ITV News Sports Editor


He appeared in the 2013 film Thor: The Dark World as himself, the news presenter for ITV.

Personal life[edit]

Scott is married to former presenter Patricia Yorston.[1] He is the brother of former Setanta presenter Angus Scott.[1]


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