Steven Gubser

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Steven Gubser
Born 4 May 1972
Residence U.S.
Nationality American
Institutions Princeton University
Alma mater Princeton University (Ph.D.)
Doctoral advisor Igor Klebanov
Known for AdS/CFT correspondence

Steven S. Gubser (born 1972) is a professor of physics at Princeton University.[1] His research focuses on theoretical particle physics, especially string theory, and the AdS/CFT correspondence. He is a widely cited scholar in these and other related areas.[2]

After receiving a Ph.D. in 1998 from Princeton, Gubser did postdoctoral research at Harvard University before taking a position as an assistant professor at Princeton. In 2001, he moved to the California Institute of Technology but returned again to Princeton in 2002.[3]

As a high schooler, he was the first American to win the International Physics Olympiad, in 1989.[4][5] He was also a silver medalist at the 1990 International Chemistry Olympiad.[6] He graduated from the elite Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village, CO.



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