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For the actor, see Stephen Rea.
Steven Rea
Born London, England, UK[1]
Occupation Film critic, journalist
Nationality American
Education San Francisco State University, University of Iowa[1]
Subject Film, poetry, pop music

Steven Rea (also known as Steven X. Rea) is an American journalist, film critic,[2][3] poet, and writer.

Early life[edit]

Rea was born in London, England, and was raised in New York City.[4] He is a graduate of Stuyvesant High School in New York City. Rea earned an undergraduate degree in English and Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. He attended the Writers Workshop graduate program at the University of Iowa.


Rea has written for multiple publications, as well as working for major record labels such as Island Records.[4] Since 1982, he has written for the Philadelphia Inquirer, covering pop culture topics including movies, pop music and books.[2] He became one of its film critics in 1992.[2][4] Other periodicals for which he has written include: Entertainment Weekly, TV Guide, Family Fun,[2] Crawdaddy!, Music World, Phonograph Record Magazine, High Fidelity, Folk Scene, Los Angeles, New West, Trouser Press, Oui, Chic, Record World, and the Los Angeles Herald Examiner.[4] His feature film reviews have been syndicated.[1]

Rea is an adjunct professor in the Cinema and Television program at the Antoinette Westphal College of Media Arts and Design at Drexel University.[5] He hosts Talk Cinema events and has served on the Narrative Features jury of the 2012 Florida Film Festival.[1] He is a member of the National Society of Film Critics (NSFC).[6]

Rea is the author of Hollywood Rides a Bike: Cycling with the Stars (2012)[7] which received good reviews from The Telegraph (UK) and the San Francisco Chronicle.[8][9] It was also released as an iPad app, "Hollywood Rides a Bike".[10] He is the curator of the Tumblr blog, Rides a Bike. His essay on the British New Wave is published in the book European Cinema (2012).[11]

Additionally, he has worked as an editor and written fiction.[2] His poetry has been published in The Paris Review[12] and The New York Quarterly.[13]

Personal life[edit]

Although at the beginning of his career he was based in Los Angeles, California, he now resides on the East Coast.[4] Rea and his wife reside in Center City in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.[14]


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