Steven Timothy Judy

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Steven Timothy Judy
Born 24 May 1956
Indianapolis, Indiana
Died 9 March 1981
Michigan City, Indiana
Cause of death
Electric Chair
Resting place
Floral Park Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana
Nationality U.S.A.
Criminal penalty
Criminal status Executed
Parents Vernon Eugene and Myrtle Louella Judy[1]
Conviction(s) Murder (25 Feb 1980)

Steven Timothy Judy (May 24, 1956 – March 9, 1981) was convicted of murdering Terry Lee Chasteen and her three children, Misty Ann, Steve and Mark, on April 28, 1979.

He was executed on March 9, 1981, aged 24, in Michigan City, Indiana in the electric chair. Judy became the first person to be executed in Indiana since Richard Kiefer[2] was executed June 15, 1961.[3][4][5][6]

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