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Stewart Martin Wood, Baron Wood of Anfield (born 25 March 1968)[1] is a British academic and Labour life peer in the House of Lords.

A politics tutor at Magdalen College, Oxford University[2] and a member of the Co-operative Party, Wood has served as an adviser to former Prime Minister Gordon Brown [3] and to the party's current leader Ed Miliband.

On 15 January 2011, Wood was created a life peer with the title Baron Wood of Anfield, of Tonbridge in the County of Kent,[4] and was introduced in the House of Lords on 18 January 2011,[5] where he sits as a Labour peer. In 2011, he was also appointed a Shadow Minister without Portfolio, serving as an adviser to Labour Leader Ed Miliband on strategy and international affairs.

Lord Wood has worked closely with the think tank Policy Network on the concept of pre-distribution as a means to tackle what Labour Party leader Ed Miliband has described as 'the growing crisis in living standards'.[6] The announcement that pre-distribution would become a cornerstone of the UK Labour Party's economic policy was jokingly mocked by Prime Minister David Cameron during Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons.[7]


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