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Sticky Carpet is Melbourne's alternative Rockumentary of 2006, a passionate, community driven documentary film by Mark Butcher,[1] co-produced by Glenn Waterworth and Pip Stafford.

Bio : The long overdue cultural recognition to Melbourne’s much-loved independent music scene. This raw and vital filmed souvenir interviews the musicians currently leading the charge, today’s sonic explorers such as Robin Fox and Rod Cooper, and Melbourne scene stalwarts including Ross Knight (Cosmic Psychos), Bruce Milne (founder of Au-Go-Go Records, In-Fidelity Records), Ron Rude[2] (Melbourne Punk & DIY / Indie Recording Pioneer) and Roland S. Howard (Boys Next Door, The Birthday Party). A veritable roll call of live performance footage comes from the likes of Dirty Three, The Stabs, Baseball, Bored!, I Spit on your Gravy, The Sailors, Love of Diagrams, Pisschrist and many more. Sticky Carpet instinctively conveys the ongoing drive behind the bands - and even gets a little political. Most importantly, it shares in the passion and experimentation of Melbourne’s music scene which is great.

Bands include:

The Stabs, HTRK, My Disco, Colditz Glider, The Birthday Party, Baseball, Grey Daturas, Group Seizure, True Radical Miracle, Cockfight Shootout, Nation Blue, The Sinking Citizenship, Agents of Abhorrence, Civil Dissent, ABC Weapons, Pisschrist, The Dacios, The Sailors, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, Depression, Trash 'n' Chaos, Batrider, Ninetynine, The Assassination Collective, Digger and the Pussycats, The Losers, Bored!

The film has Australia and New Zealand DVD Distribution by Siren Visual Entertainment and had premiere screening at Melbourne International Film Festival in 2006.




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