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Stickybear is a fictional character created by Richard Hefter and an edutainment series starring the character headed by Optimum Resource, Inc. The character was a mascot of Weekly Reader Software,[1] a division of Xerox Education Publications.[2]

Software of the series has been released since the early 1980s;[3] software programs originated on the Apple II platform and were released for IBM PC,[1] Atari 8-bit[4] and Commodore 64 platforms.[5]

As of 2008 the most recent Sticky Bear software was developed for Windows XP/Windows Vista and Mac OS X.[6]

Books with Stickybear[edit]

  • Babysitter Bears (1983)[7]
  • Bears at Work (1983)[8]
  • Lots of Little Bears: A Stickybear Counting Book (1983)[9]
  • Stickybear Watch Out: The Stickybear Book of Safety (1983)[10]
  • Stickybear Book of Weather (1983)[11]
  • Where is the Bear? (1983)[12]
  • Stickybears Scary Night (1984)[13]

Software with Stickybear[edit]

Reception to computer software[edit]

Peter Mucha of the Houston Chronicle gave reviews to IBM versions of Stickybear in 1990; Stickybear Opposites received a B-, Stickybear Math received a B, Stickybear Math 2 received a B, Stickybear Alphabet received an A-, and Stickybear Reading received a C.[1]

The New Talking StickyBear Alphabet won the Best Early Education Program 1989 Excellence in Software Award from the Software and Information Industry Association.[17]

Leslie Eiser of Compute! magazine said in a 1992 review that StickyBear Town Builder was dated compared to other games of its time.[18]


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