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Stig Roar Myrseth (born 22 November 1972) is a Norwegian financial expert who operates throughout the Nordic and Baltic region.[1] In 2011 he started the fund management company Dovre Forvaltning who is managing the world's first legal insider trading based fund, Dovre Inside Nordic.[2][3]

Early years[edit]

Stig R. Myrseth completed secondary school in Harstad, Norway.[4] in 1991 with the best possible grade "6" in all subjects. .[5] In 1991 he won a silver medal in the International Chemistry Olympiad in Lodz.[6][7] He then started at the University of Tromsø, with the department of chemistry.[4] However, soon after he left University in favor of training as a financial analyst.[4][5]

Financial career[edit]

Myrseth won the stock picking contest "Børsspeilet" in the magazine Økonomisk Rapport for eight years in a row from 2003 until the magazine was closed down in 2010.[4][8][9] On December 31, 2010 the Norwegian Financial Daily newspaper, Finansavisen, declared Myrseth to be Norway's best stock picker in a front page story.[4][9]

Myrseth has started several companies in the financial sector. He established the full service investment banking firm Orion Securities in Norway in 1999,[4] worked for Terra Markets,[8] and established Dovre Forvaltning in 2011[4] in Lithuania.


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