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Stikeman Elliott LLP
Stikeman Elliott.svg
Headquarters CIBC Tower
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
No. of offices 8
No. of attorneys approx. 500
No. of employees 1300 (500 lawyers)
Major practice areas Corporate Law
Key people H. Heward Stikeman & Fraser Elliott
Date founded 1952 (Montreal)
Founder H. Heward Stikeman & Fraser Elliott
Company type Limited liability partnership

Stikeman Elliott LLP is a Canadian corporate law firm. It is known as one of the "seven sisters" in Toronto[1] and has approximately 500 lawyers in five Canadian offices as well as offices in New York, London, and Sydney.[2] It was founded in 1952 by H. Heward Stikeman and Fraser Elliott.[3]

History of the firm[edit]

Stikeman Elliott's history as a law firm began in 1952, when Heward Stikeman and Fraser Elliott established a tax boutique firm in Montreal. The firm expanded throughout the ensuing years, eventually becoming one of the largest full-service business law firms in Canada. Notably, this growth has come exclusively through the hiring of new lawyers or laterals from other firms - Stikeman Elliott has never merged with another firm, one of the few Bay Street firms to not do so.[4]

Notable lawyers and alumni[edit]

Career Programs[edit]

Stikeman Elliott runs several training and career programs. Some of them are student programs in summer, articleships, and many others at various offices in Canada.[6]


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