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Publication information
Publisher Marvel Comics
First appearance Hero for Hire #16 (December 1973)
Created by Tony Isabella
Billy Graham
In-story information
Alter ego Tom Stuart
Partnerships Justin Hammer
Abilities Uses throwing knives as weapons,
Other assorted weaponry

Stiletto (Tom Stuart) is a fictional character in Marvel Comics. He first appeared in Hero for Hire #16 in December 1973, and was created by Tony Isabella and Billy Graham.

Fictional character biography[edit]

The eldest son of Tyler Stuart, a warden at Seagate prison, Tom Stuart was an intelligent young man with a bright future ahead of him. However, his father was soon fired from his job after Luke Cage escaped Seagate. Blaming him, Tom sought out Justin Hammer and was given a costume and an arsenal of weaponry. He became a criminal vigilante and took the name Stiletto, and demanded retribution from Luke Cage. Stiletto eventually found him, and used explosive flechettes to destroy the building he, along with several civilians, was in. Cage was able to save the others and battled Stiletto. Using many different types of knives, including a cryogenic stiletto, he was able to hold Cage at bay, but the super-hero was relentless. Stiletto, overpowered, finally fled and vowed to get his revenge another day.[1]

Soon after, Stiletto returned with his younger brother Tim, who took the codename Discus, as his partner. Together, they battled Luke Cage, but were inevitably defeated. Tyler Stuart appeared and saved his sons from Cage, convincing him that he'd handle the situation.[2] However, they ambushed Cage once again later, during Cage's exoneration. Cage's allies, Iron Fist and the Daughters of the Dragon aided him in the battle, and soon Misty Knight also joined in. Stiletto threw a knife at Misty's parter, apparently killing him. Misty, enraged, shot at Stiletto, aiming for his head. Luke Cage grabbed the bullet before it hit Stiletto, but defeated him and his brother.[3]

Much later, both Stiletto and Discus were seen in Justin Hammer's employ. Attempting to capture Iron Man, Stiletto and Discus attacked but were easily defeated after their weapons were unable to harm him.[4] While in prison, Stiletto and his brother had apparently found religion and decided to live a life of peace. Their peaceful life didn't last, as soon they found themselves working for Deadly Nightshade. Along with the Eel and Man Mountain Marko, Stiletto and Discus battled the Heroes for Hire during a robbery. After Nightshade's defeat, Stiletto and Discus surrendered, no longer wishing to fight the heroes.[5]

A partnership began with the Sphinx and Justin Hammer brought Stiletto back to villainy. Along with Hammer's villain army, Stiletto battled Spider-Man and Namorita, but he was defeated by both of them.[6] He also attended the AIM Weapons Expo with several other super-villains.[7] Eventually, he rejoined forces with Nightshade, this time without his brother. Nightshade's plan was to kill Black Panther, but interference from Luke Cage, Iron Fist, the Falcon, and Black Goliath put a stop to their scheme, and they easily defeated Stiletto and the other villains hired by Nightshade.[8]

During the Civil War storyline, Stiletto was seen in Hammerhead's unnamed supervillain army. However, Iron Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. forces attacked their forces.[9]

Stiletto appeared in Brand New Day as one of the villains at the Bar with No Name.[10]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Stiletto wields knives and shoots small blades from wrist devices.


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