Stillwater, West Coast

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West Coast
Coordinates: 42°26′17″S 171°21′12″E / 42.43806°S 171.35333°E / -42.43806; 171.35333
Country New Zealand
Region West Coast
District Grey District

Stillwater is a town in the South Island of New Zealand east of Greymouth on the banks of the Grey River in the Grey District of the West Coast, next to Brunner. There is also Stillwater, Auckland in the North Island.

State Highway 7 passes through Stillwater, and it is a railway junction where the Stillwater - Westport Line meets the Midland Line. The TranzAlpine passenger express train that runs the length of the Midland Line from Christchurch to Greymouth passes through Stillwater, but does not stop. Previous passenger trains did stop, such as local services run by RM class Vulcan railcars in the mid-20th century.

Coordinates: 42°26′S 171°21′E / 42.433°S 171.350°E / -42.433; 171.350