Electric Lady Lab

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Electric Lady Lab
Stine Hjelm Jacobsen - Electric Lady Lab ANR SEP2011 ubt.JPG
Stine Hjelm Jacobsen, vocalist of Electric Lady Lab
Background information
Genres Electro-pop
Years active 2009–present
Labels Mermaid Records, Sony Music
Associated acts The Loft, NU
Members Martin Bøge Pedersen
Stine Hjelm Jacobsen

Electric Lady Lab is a Danish elektro-pop duo made up of producer and songwriter Martin Bøge Pedersen and vocalist Stine Hjelm Jacobsen.[1] Electric Lady Lab was founded in March 2009. Their debut album Flash! was released on 7 January 2011. The duo is part of the new wave of modern Danish dance music.


The couple knew each other since the 1990s where they were attending the same school in Køge.[2] Prior to Electric Lady Lab, Martin was alongside Jakob Weise Hellumpart part of the Danish pop duo The Loft, whereas Stine was part of the indie pop band NU[3][4] with other band members being Peter Iversen, Lars Iversen and Morten Krog Helgesen.

Electric Lady Lab debuted with the single "It's Over Now" in November 2009, but got commercial breakthrough with "You & Me" released in June 2010 that sampled on "Rhythm Is a Dancer", a 1992 hit from the German eurodance group Snap!. The single has made it to #2 on the Hitlisten, the official Danish Singles Chart. It was also a hit in Norway, Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

September 2011 saw the release of "Touch Me", with sampling from a-ha's 1985 hit "The Sun Always Shines on TV". The song was composed with Johan Wohlert from The Storm and used the vocals of a-ha lead singer Morten Harket.[5]



Year Album Peak chart positions Certification Notes
2011 Flash! 11 Tracklist:
  1. "Last Virgin Alive" (3:32)
  2. "You & Me" (3:51)
  3. "I Follow You" (3:41)
  4. "Dancing with a Ghost" (3:38)
  5. "Let Go" (3:17)
  6. "Flash!" (3:57)
  7. "Wondering" (3:38)
  8. "Dangerous" (3:31)
  9. "Fascinated" (3:54)
  10. "Imagination" (3:25)
  11. "It's Over Now" (3:39)


Year Single Peak chart positions Certification Album
2009 "It's Over Now" - Flash!
2010 "You & Me" 2
"Wondering" -
2011 "Touch Me" 19
2012 "Taking off" 31
(Kato and Electric Lady Lab)
2013 "Broken Mirrors"
(featuring Sukker Lyn)