Stine Hjermstad Kirkevik

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Stine Hjermstad Kirkevik
Medal record
Competitor for  Norway
Women's Ski-orienteering
World Championships
Gold 2004 Østersund Long
Gold 2004 Østersund Middle
Gold 2005 Levi, Finland Sprint
Gold 2005 Levi, Finland Relay
Bronze 2004 Østersund Sprint
Bronze 2005 Levi, Finland Middle
World Cup
Gold 2006 Overall WC
Bronze 2001 Overall WC

Stine Hjermstad Kirkevik is a Norwegian ski-orienteering competitor and world champion. She received four gold medals at the World Ski Orienteering Championships, in 2004 and 2005.[1] She won the overall World Cup in Ski Orienteering in 2005, and finished 3rd in 2001.[2]


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