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A stins (Dutch, pl. stinsen; from West Frisian stienhûs [Dutch steenhuis] "stone house", shortened to stins, pl. stinzen)[1] is a former stronghold or villa in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. Many stinsen carry the name "state" (related to English 'estate').

Stinsen used to belong to noblemen or prominent citizens. Most stinsen were demolished in the 19th century, when maintenance became too expensive. Several surviving stinsen are now used as museums.

Stinsen also appear in East Frisia, and are known as borg (pl. borgen) in the province of Groningen.

Stinsen in Friesland[edit]

Name Municipality Constructed Demolished Image
Abbingastate (fy) Leeuwarden Before 1402 1859
Andringastate Boarnsterhim 1790 1894
Crackstate Heerenveen 1608 Crackstate
Dekemastate Leeuwarderadeel Dekemastate
Epema State Sneek 1625 Epema State
Fogelsangh State Kollumerland c.a. Fogelsangh State
Harsta State Ferwerderadiel 1511 Harsta State
Heremastate Skarsterlân 1679
Hoytema State Wûnseradiel 1503 1906 Hoytema State
Jongema State Boarnsterhim 15th century 1912
Liauckama State Franekeradeel 14th century Liauckama State
Martenastate Leeuwarderadeel Martenastate
Oenemastate Heerenveen 1640 Oenemastate
Osinga State Skarsterlân Osinga state
Papinga stins Leeuwarden
Poptaslot Menaldumadeel 1640 Poptaslot
Ropta State Dongeradeel before 1297 1731
Skierstins Veenwouden c. 1300 Skierstins
Sjaerdemaslot Franekeradeel 1446 1725 Sjaerdemaslot
Tjaarda State Dantumadeel 1242 after 1834
Unia State Littenseradiel
Walta State Wûnseradiel

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