Stirling Settler Days

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Stirling Settler Days
Stirling Settler Days Parade float, July 24, 1938.
Official name Pioneer Day
Observed by Everyone
Type local, historical, cultural
Celebrations Stirling Settler Days Parade, pancake breakfast, firefighter games, movie in the park, community dance, rodeo, and fireworks.
Date Third week in July
2014 date July 20 to July 26
2015 date July 13 to July 17

Stirling Settler Days is a celebration historically held every year on July 24, now held every third week of July, in Stirling, Alberta, Canada.[1]

Stirling Settler Days was originally celebrated to mark the Mormon pioneers' arrival in the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847. Since Stirling's founding in 1899, Stirling has celebrated the day as "Pioneer Day", now called Stirling Settler Days commemorating Stirling's Pioneers and founders.

To start off the celebrations, a band would set up on a flat rack riding about the town playing music, soon to follow was a parade, the parades were stupendous with marching bands, colorful floats, and many fine horses. After the parade many people gathered at the LDS Church meeting house for a program, full of fun and enjoyment with musical numbers, readings and then an oration suitable for the occasion.

Pioneer reenactment "Arrival of the Pioneers", July 24, 1930.

In the afternoon there were many games and races, like a greased pig race or chicken race, old men races, and even a horse pulling race. To end the celebration, a dance was held in the evening.

On July 24, 1931, Stirling held its first Stampede. Stirling continues these traditions, as well as some new ones, like a pancake breakfast, firefighter games, a parade, movie in the park, community dance, a rodeo, and fireworks.

The Stirling fireworks display is known as the “Best Little Fireworks” in southern Alberta.[citation needed]

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