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Sweden "Stjärnorna"
Eurovision Song Contest 1994 entry
Country Sweden
Artist(s) Marie Bergman
and Roger Pontare
Language Swedish
Composer(s) Peter Bertilsson
Lyricist(s) Mikael Littwold
Conductor Anders Berglund
Finals performance
Final result 13th
Final points 48
Appearance chronology
◄ "Eloise" (1993)   
"Se på mej" (1995) ►

"Stjärnorna" (The stars) was the Swedish entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1994, composed by Peter Bertilsson and Mikael Littwold and sung by Marie Bergman and Roger Pontare.

The song was performed first on the night of the contest, preceding Finland's CatCat with "Bye Bye Baby". At the close of the voting, it had received 48 points and was placed 13th in a field of 25.

It was succeeded as Swedish representative at the 1995 contest by Jan Johansen with "Se på mej".

Preceded by
Eloise by Arvingarna
Melodifestivalen winners
Succeeded by
Se på mej by Jan Johansen