Stjepan Gradić

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Stjepan Gradić
Stjepan Gradic.jpg
Born March 6, 1613
Dubrovnik, Republic of Ragusa
Died May 2, 1683(1683-05-02) (aged 70)
Occupation philosopher
Nationality Ragusan

Stjepan "Stijepo" Gradić or Stefano Gradi; March 6, 1613 – May 2, 1683) was a Croatian philosopher and scientist and a patrician of the Republic of Ragusa.

Gradić was born in Dubrovnik, Republic of Ragusa. Stijepo's parents were Miho Gradi and Marija Benessa, where he was first schooled. He moved to Rome for order of your uncle General-bicar of Dubrovnik Petar Benesa (*1580 +1642, studied philosophy and theology for seven years to Rome, as representative of the Republic of Ragusa to the Vatican, cardinal secretary of Megalloti and Francesco Barberini) to the Pope Urban VIII, and stayed there to hold various offices for the Republic of Ragusa (its diplomatic representative by the Holy See. Since 1682 he was the head of the Vatican Library.

Stjepan Gradić

Gradić was a polymath. He cooperated with the historian Joannes Lucius, translated classical authors, wrote a biography of the Dubrovnik writer Junije Palmotić and a poem about the earthquake in Dubrovnik. In the literary and scientific circle of pope Alexander VII and Queen Christina of Sweden Gradić discussed scientific and philosophical issues. Along with philosophy, he engaged in mathematics, physics, astronomy, literature and diplomacy.

His philosophical works are written in the spirit of Aristotelianism and scholasticism. Gradić was a member of the Royal Academy in Padua, having correspondence with many notable Europeans. He described the disastrous earthquake in Dubrovnik in 1667 in Latin verses and organized help from all over Europe for the devastated city. He died in Rome.

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