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Baron Stjepan Jovanović

Stjepan Jovanović (Stephan Freiherr (Baron) von Jovanovich; 5 January 1828 – 8 December 1885) was a military commander of the Austrian Empire from Croatia.[1]

Jovanović was born in the village of Pazarište near Otočac in Lika (then Austrian Empire, today Croatia).[1] He joined the Austrian army in year 1845 and during 1845-1845 fought under general Radetzky in Italy, in 1850 was transferred to the General staff and later served as an adjutant of general Gabriel Rodić in southern Dalmatia.

Between 1861 - 1865 Jovanović served as Austrian consul general in Sarajevo. Because of his knowledge of Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro and Krivošije, he was called back into the army in 1865, as a colonel. In 1866, during Austro-Prussian War he fought in Italy under archduke Albert. During the 1869 insurrection in Boka Kotorska, he commanded a Gebirgsjäger (mountain troops) brigade in Kotor (Cattaro) that tried to suppress the uprising, but failed.

In 1875 Stjepan Jovanović was given nobility title Freiherr and in 1876 named a Feldmarschallleutnant.

In 1877 he commanded the 18th division in Split (Spalato), year later he was commanding the occupation of Herzegovina by Austro-Hungarian Army.[1] Later he served as military commander in Herzegovina, governor of Dalmatia and military commander of Zadar.

He died in 1885 in Zadar.


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