Sto pregando

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Switzerland "Sto pregando"
Eurovision Song Contest 1994 entry
Country Switzerland
Artist(s) Lorenzo di Cicco
As Duilio
Language Italian
Composer(s) Giuseppe Scaramello
Lyricist(s) Giuseppe Scaramello
Conductor Valeriano Chiaravalle
Finals performance
Final result 19th
Final points 15
Appearance chronology
◄ "Moi, tout simplement" (1993)   
"Mon coeur l'aime" (1996) ►

"Sto pregando" ("I'm praying") was the Swiss entry to the Eurovision Song Contest 1994, held in Dublin, Ireland.

Sung in Italian, it was performed by Lorenzo di Cicco under the stage-name "Duilio", and was composed by Giuseppe Scaramello.

On the night of the contest, it was performed 10th, following Portugal's Sara Tavares with "Chamar a música" and preceding Estonia's Silvi Vrait with "Nagu merelaine". At the close of the voting it had received 15 points, placing 19th of twenty five.

Due to new rules introduced in 1993 Switzerland were relegated from the 1995 contest, and so the song was succeeded as Swiss representative at the 1996 contest by Kathy Leander with "Mon coeur l'aime".