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Stock is a representation of capital paid or invested into a business entity by stockholders.

Stock may also refer to:




  • Stock (cage), a stall or cage used to restrain livestock
  • Fish stock, semi-discrete subpopulations of a particular species of fish
  • Foundation stock, individual or general type of horses used as the foundation animals that create a new breed or bloodline
  • Livestock, animals kept for agricultural purposes
  • Stock fish, a type of dried fish product


  • Stock (variable), in economics, business, or accounting, a variable measured at one specific time
  • Stock in trade or inventory, a supply of goods or materials held in storage by a business or household
  • STOCK Act, the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act, an Act of Congress designed to combat insider trading



  • Rolling stock, the vehicles that move on a railway
  • Stock car, a racing car closely resembling one available from a dealership

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